Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Baby Pod

Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Baby Pod

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  • Total body support for expectant Mums
  • 100% breathable
  • Reduced heat retention
  • Lightweight
  • Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced, toxin free
  • Suitable for babies with asthma & allergies

Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Baby Pod

This versatile maternity pillow gives total body support for mums-to-be, from head and neck, down to bump and knees, during those times when getting comfortable seems impossible. Then when your baby is born, it transforms easily into a cosy, secure pod.

This pillow can be used for supervised resting, tummy-time, nappy-changing and lots and lots of cuddles.

Pregnancy Pillow

Ideal for any stage of pregnancy, the large flexible maternity pillow, made with 100% jersey cotton, gives elevated support which helps reduce the effects of heartburn and reflux, the most common issues faced by expectant mums.

The pillow is designed to suit all body types and can be used for relaxing on your side or back and as a support when sitting up reading or enjoying a well-deserved cup of tea.

ClevaFoam Baby Pod

When you are ready for the Baby Pod, simply zip the accompanying ClevaFoam mattress pad in place to create the baby pod nest for your baby. The Pod can be used from newborn up to 12 months old.

    It is so versatile you can then unzip it to create a useful support cushion, then twist it to use as a nursing pillow.

    Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod size: External - 60 x 104cm. Internal 30 x 77cm.